Hello, I'm Léo Lacan and I'm a french filmmaker and musician in my late twenties. I'm currently living in the city of Geneva in Switzerland.

     I started to take pictures in 2015. I shoot everything I find interesting in my daily life. In my pictures I'm looking for that moment when banality tends to turn into mythology. I find in the simplicity of the daily life a form of spirituality.

     In parallel I directed my first short film "Footsteps On The Snow" during the winter of 2016, based on one of Claude Debussy's piano pieces. I then directed my second short "M Y T H E" around a reflection I had about mythology and contemporaneity. And my third one called "Juste un trou de mémoire" wich is about the search of the child in everyone of us

     Today I work mostly as a director and/or director of photography for different clients and projects (commercials, music videos, movies).

     Additionally I play music since my teenage years and I'm still doing it actively. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and singer who write songs and enjoy recording them. I'm quite fascinated by the recording process. I played in the rock band DINNO. You can find our site here and our music videos here. I started a solo project in 2019 and I'm planning to relase a new album in 2020. You can find my music as a solo artist here.

​     I have studied anthropology at the university of Toulouse and musicology at the universtity of Paris.

     If you would like to work together, please contact me. I'd love to hear about your project.

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